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Contrarians to the Core

About Lux Capital

We are living in the sci-fi future of our imaginations.

Technology has given humanity superpowers. We can see through walls. We can turn bits into atoms and atoms into bits. We have self-driving cars and flying robots. We can also sense, build and control things we didn’t think were possible 10 years ago. Yet there is so much more to come.

Of Rebels & Scientists

We make long-term bets on contrarians and outsiders. We believe the next generation of industrialist titans will be scientists, technologists and inventors who are doing more than challenging the status quo—they’re literally challenging the laws of physics.

We partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs who possess an exceedingly rare intellect, a creative imagination and a radical vision. They are driven by the notion that science is the great equalizer.

They thrive in chaos. They are extraordinarily resilient. They work and play with knife-wielding robots, deadly lasers and contagious bacteria.

Our goal is to accelerate the widespread adoption of their most promising creations.

We take big risks on scientific and technological breakthroughs that have the potential for truly radical change.

How We Serve


    Our team and networks hail from different cultures, disciplines and experiences. We are chemists, computational biologists, data scientists, economists, electrical engineers, machine-learning hackers and neuroscientists, as well as philosophers, photographers, school-starters, scuba divers and street-art enthusiasts.


    We take a first-principles, scientific approach to analyzing new investments. We listen with an open mind and believe before others understand.


    When you need us, we are available and focused on finding uncommon approaches and solutions to serve your needs.


    Our limited and general partners have long-term investment horizons and want to take an active role in designing the future.


    We fund companies throughout their lifecycle, and we partner with the world’s most respected investors, providing access, capital and fund-raising guidance along the way.


    Our investors and venture partners have built new industries and/or multi-generational empires. They serve as partners, direct investors and early customers for our companies.

    Through our ƒ(Lux) events, we connect our founders to a diverse network of scientists, technologists and business leaders who are building ambitious, mold-breaking companies.

The Details

Over the past two decades, Lux has expanded from our New York City roots to Silicon Valley, and built a $4 billion AUM firm of more than 30 full-time professionals, with a wide spectrum of technical backgrounds and the versatility to invest at any stage, from $100,000 to $100 million.

We invest in seed- and early-stage ventures across multiple sectors, including: 3D printing; machine learning; artificial intelligence; flying robots; surgical robots; synthetic biology; genomics; satellites; space; drones; computational imaging and recognition; new materials; holograms; “fixers” for the future; the internet of things; connected hardware; the smart home and virtual reality.

About our name: “Lux” is Latin for light—as in: We look where others aren’t and strive to shine a light on the unknown.

If you are a scientist, inventor or entrepreneur with an idea that can lead the world into a brighter future, we hope you will reach out to us.