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Nanoparticle-Based Ocular Therapies

Kala Pharmaceuticals

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Kala Pharmaceuticals was founded by Lux to commercialize proprietary drug delivery technology for penetrating mucosal barriers using nanotechnology. The company completed its IPO in 2017.

Kala was co-founded by Lux in 2009 alongside recognized experts in the field of nanomedicine, including professors Justin Hanes and Robert Langer, and pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Colin Gardner. The company is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on innovative, nanoparticle-based treatments for ocular diseases that affect the front and back of the eye. Kala leverages its proprietary mucus-penetrating, particle technology to develop topical ophthalmic formulations with enhanced delivery into ocular tissue. These treatments have the potential to provide greater efficacy over longer periods of time and replace injections with a simple eye drop.

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