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Ideas on science, technology, finance and the human condition

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""Securities"" September 27, 2022

Web3 is so far behind in terms of reliability and security

Fourteen years after the release of the Bitcoin white paper, Web3 and crypto are transitioning into adolescence. Technologies and communities that have collectively been a financial Wild West are slowly but inexorably transforming into mainstream infrastructure powering payments, finance, banking, and even identity and data storage. That transition though is hampered by a data and […]

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""Securities"" September 18, 2022

Uncle Sam versus Mother Nature and the future of security

Photo by Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash

What does security — national, economic, social, health — mean when the planet itself is creating the threats? Lethal combinations of climate change and human war are cutting harvest yields globally, from rice in California and corn in Iowa to grains in Europe and soybeans in China. With declining harvest projections arriving almost weekly from […]

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""Securities"" August 23, 2022

Reputations are always a trailing indicator of truth

“Securities” podcast host Danny Crichton and producer Chris Gates talk about the latest newsletter issue, “Truth and reputations.” Reputations are always a trailing indicator of truth. When people and organizations are rising, reputations obviously lag — the public has never heard of these new upstarts, and its opinion remains unformed. Reputations gallop to catch up, […]

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""Securities"" August 21, 2022

Where does reputation end and the truth begin?

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

The quantified measurement of truth is often impossible, which forces us to find proxies. Even then, proving the causal linkage between truth and proxy can be an extraordinary endeavor. Research biologists have spent decades exploring, detecting, and refining biomarkers to understand their accuracy and the attenuation of their usefulness. Economists and other social scientists have […]

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""Securities"" August 17, 2022

Crypto and incentive design with MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab’s Christian Catalini

Humans have been bartering and trading for millennia, building extraordinarily complex mechanisms of exchange centered on fiat currencies, contracts, and trust. As cryptocurrencies have emerged this past decade, economists and incentive designers have been forced to consider how to construct new forms of currency without the social lubricant of trust. How can we prove that […]

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