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""Securities"" January 16, 2022

American Civil War 2.0

Back cover design of The Next Civil War / Simon & Schuster

Canadian writer Stephen Marche’s new book The Next Civil War was officially published last week, and it made quite a splash among those of us who read it at Lux. Marche pulls no punches in his opening lines: “The United States is coming to an end. The question is how. Every government, every business, every […]

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""Securities"" January 11, 2022

Crypto, VR, and the dangers of accelerated tech adoption curves

Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/Knight Center for Journalism in the America/Flickr/Creative Commons

Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge — who wouldn’t want to take a glimpse at the future when the future is already here? The internet, app stores, social networks and more have accelerated the classic “S-curve” adoption of new technologies, where early adopters arrive in advance of the broad mass of consumers before […]

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""Securities"" January 10, 2022

The inevitable re-opening of late-stage startup finance

The New York Stock Exchange. Image Credits: Dave Shea / Flickr / Creative Commons

The biggest news this morning came from the Wall Street Journal, where Paul Kiernan reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission is exploring an expansion of reporting requirements for large, late-stage private companies (aka unicorns and decacorns). From the article: The SEC, Wall Street’s top regulator, has begun work on a plan to require more […]

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""Securities"" January 10, 2022

We need to create and foster new types of scientific organizations

The National Science Foundation headquarters in Alexandria, VA. Image Credits: NSF / U.S. Government

There are many activities that are valuable for science. However, only a small subset of these are actually valued by scientific academia; in other words, there are only certain activities that will get you tenure (certain kinds of research, certain types of scientific publication). As a result of this, we need to create and foster new types […]

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""Securities"" January 7, 2022

“Securities” for the 21st Century

Human progress is unsinkable. Image Credits: Danny Crichton

We’ve branded our little corner of the web “Securities” — why? When I look around the world today, it isn’t hard to get cynical. Right now in Kazakhstan, authoritarian president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has ordered his security forces to “shoot to kill” protesters fighting rising fuel prices and government corruption. The Omicron variant is laying waste […]

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""Securities"" January 6, 2022

An Eikon of instrumental progress

The James Webb Space Telescope, prior to launch. Image Credits: Desiree Stover/NASA under government fair use license.

Science is a discipline of instrumentation. Behind each scientist’s discovery and invention lies a collection of tools that open up the natural world to human observation. Progress in science is nearly synonymous with the discovery of new instruments that open our eyes to frontiers never before seen. Take DNA, for instance. Notions of a biological […]

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""Securities"" January 4, 2022

Finally, patent troll forum shopping may finally be on its way out

McLennan county courthouse in Waco, Texas. Image Credits: Sandy Weaver / Flickr / Creative Commons

No one likes a patent troll, and yet, America has continued to facilitate their work. As almost every startup founder has at some point confronted, litigious orgs take unused patents and roam the country, demanding payment from startups and large companies alike in the pursuit of revenue. Feed the beast, and you continue the cycle. […]

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