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""Securities"" October 12, 2022

We will observe a battle for the true openness in AI

No technology has as many dual-use challenges as artificial intelligence. The same AI models that invent vivacious illustrations and visual effects for movies are the exact models that can generate democracy-killing algorithmic propaganda. Code may well be code, but more and more AI leaders are considering how to balance the desire for openness with the […]

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""Securities"" October 9, 2022

The heaven and hell of nuclear

Photo by Javier Miranda on Unsplash

Nuclear is having its media moment. Perhaps that’s what happens when a Democratic president visits the home of James Murdoch, the younger son of conservative media magnate Rupert Murdoch, and starts talking about “Armageddon.” Details from the political fundraiser in New York City have heightened tensions across the world. “We have not faced the prospect […]

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""Securities"" October 5, 2022

There’s always been a global race to develop chip technology

Semiconductors are ubiquitous in modern life, powering our appliances, smartphones, cars and electronics. That’s led to soaring demand from consumers, companies and governments much to the chip industry’s benefit, but its centrality to the global economy has also brought heightened scrutiny from analysts concerned by the deep dependency we have on a handful of companies […]

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""Securities"" September 27, 2022

Web3 is so far behind in terms of reliability and security

Fourteen years after the release of the Bitcoin white paper, Web3 and crypto are transitioning into adolescence. Technologies and communities that have collectively been a financial Wild West are slowly but inexorably transforming into mainstream infrastructure powering payments, finance, banking, and even identity and data storage. That transition though is hampered by a data and […]

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""Securities"" September 18, 2022

Uncle Sam versus Mother Nature and the future of security

Photo by Yan Laurichesse on Unsplash

What does security — national, economic, social, health — mean when the planet itself is creating the threats? Lethal combinations of climate change and human war are cutting harvest yields globally, from rice in California and corn in Iowa to grains in Europe and soybeans in China. With declining harvest projections arriving almost weekly from […]

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