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""Securities"" June 5, 2022

The ESG Mirage

Cloudtail the Snow Leopard / Flickr / Creative Commons

Capitalism has taken its fair share of hits over the past few decades, castigated for all that’s wrong in the world from wealth inequality to climate change. Those criticisms have provoked a range of responses, from revolutionary demands to the more mundane incrementalist approaches of “stakeholder capitalism” and what has transfused into the strange alchemy […]

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""Securities"" June 4, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Jonathan Haidt on American structural stupidity and the post-Babel world (Parts 1 & 2)

We have a great new two-part “Securities” podcast that launched this morning with notable NYU social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. Haidt, who co-wrote the book “The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure” and also co-founded the Heterodox Academy, recently wrote an extended essay in […]

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""Securities"" May 28, 2022

In Memoriam

Robert Couse-Baker / Flickr / Creative Commons

This weekend, all of us here at Lux are taking a moment to reflect. In the spirit of Memorial Day, we first and foremost acknowledge the incredible sacrifices the members of our armed services have made around the world, including in Afghanistan, where 13 service members were killed in a bomb attack in Kabul during […]

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""Securities"" May 22, 2022

The rise of Multiple Valuations Syndrome

Ankita Uppal / Flickr / Creative Commons

Anyone who has followed the markets the past few months has had to come to terms with a simple notion: the markets have no idea what anything is worth right now. Just this past week, Walmart and Target had their worst one-day stock performances in more than three decades as weaker than expected consumer purchasing […]

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""Securities"" May 21, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Will Malthus or human ingenuity win out in these chaotic times?

It’s been another crazy week of financial news, but how do all these trends add up? This week, Danny Crichton and Josh Wolfe talk about South Korea’s burgeoning desire for nuclear weapons, some themes from the latest Lux quarterly letter and how a 1980s experimental film inspired its theme of “entropic apex,” how Gen Z and others will respond to actions […]

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""Securities"" May 15, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Risk, Bias and Decision Making

Danny Kahneman (left), Michael Mauboussin (on screen), Josh Wolfe (right), and Annie Duke (far right). Image Credits: Danny Crichton

We’ve reached an apex of risk, individually, economically, as a society. Stability has been rent asunder, and the resilience of our support systems from healthcare to supply chains has been all but demolished. Just in this frenzied week of crises, there’s now a nationwide shortage of infant formula thanks to a bacterial infection at a […]

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""Securities"" May 7, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Shredding the endowment investing playbook playbook with Scott Wilson, CIO of Washington University in St. Louis

University endowments are one of the key nexuses by which finance influences the future of science, tech, and the human condition, and what happens at endowments and other limited partners (LPs) matters deeply both for their clients but also the wider VC asset class. Washington University in St. Louis Chief Investment Officer Scott Wilson, who […]

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""Securities"" May 1, 2022

How permanent should software be?

Matt Mets / Flickr / Creative Commons

We take for granted just how effortlessly consistent our daily life is. Our stoves burn with the swoosh of a knob, our stop signs (at least in the U.S.) are a stable hue of red, our wall outlets haven’t changed prongs in decades. The stairs, the shower head, the garage door — hardware devices that […]

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""Securities"" April 24, 2022

Eastern winds of media

Even the mascots are sleeping while reading books. Photo by Danny Crichton.

I’m traveling the next few weeks in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s always a delight to return here and see the technological ambition of this Asian Tiger’s entrepreneurs. South Korea has transformed into a major crypto innovation hub (arguably second only to the United States), a vanguard in climate tech and increasingly a content powerhouse […]

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