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"Securities" by Lux Capital

Ideas on science, technology, finance and the human condition

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""Securities"" August 1, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: How new communities are propelling the future of tech + bio

There has been a massive expansion in data emanating from bio labs, and that means next-generation AI algorithms and machine learning models finally have the grist to transform the future trajectories of biology and health therapies. Yet, there’s a key translation challenge: how do  you get computer scientists and biologists — two types of specialists […]

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""Securities"" July 25, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Maybe the world is effing amazing and I am just reading the wrong things

“Securities” podcast host Danny Crichton and producer Chris Gates talk about the last two weeks of “Securities” newsletters. The first, from July 9th called “Dissonant Loops”, discussed the chaos and crises plaguing the world today and why our state capacity to respond to them is so limited. The second, from July 16th entitled “Scientific Sublime”, […]

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""Securities"" July 24, 2022

Uncertain disasters vs. risky disasters

Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Image Credits: NOAA

Colloquially, risk and uncertainty are synonyms, and it’s a misidentification that has caused trillions of dollars of damage and is increasingly at the root of modern “securities.” In his new book “Fragile Futures” from Cambridge University Press, economist and long-time IMF executive Vito Tanzi builds upon narratives first developed by John Maynard Keynes and Frank […]

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""Securities"" July 23, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: How heath tech startups are responding to the post-Roe world

Welcome to “Securities” by Lux Capital, a podcast and newsletter devoted to science, technology, finance and the human condition. I’m your host, Danny Crichton, and today we’re talking about the post-Roe world. Tomorrow, it’ll be 30 days since the Supreme Court announced in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that there is no constitutional basis for the right to abortion, […]

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""Securities"" July 17, 2022

James Webb Space Telescope and a definitive achievement of the human intellect

Image Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

This is a newsletter about “Securities” — national security, economic security, health security and how all those myriad of securities aggregate to human wellbeing. It’s been a slog covering this beat in 2022, with an economic recession driving up hunger in the developing world, Russia’s land war against Ukraine, and the ongoing and growing toll […]

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""Securities"" July 15, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: The United States has never won a conflict with the hardware that it had going into it

Today we’re talking about the future of American defense with the leadership of Anduril Industries, whose mission is to reboot the arsenal of democracy and become the most innovative defense prime in the United States. Founder Palmer Luckey, co-founder and CEO Brian Schimpf and co-founder and Executive Chairman Trae Stephens joined Josh Wolfe and host […]

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""Securities"" July 10, 2022

The new apex of “Entropic Apex”

UK Government / Flickr / Public Domain

Dissonance reigns. Hard-fought episodes of tranquility are shattered as undercurrents of feverish discontent surges through the surface. The venture industry, slammed by plummeting valuations earlier this year, spent much of the winter and spring fortifying balance sheets and rapidly triaging portfolios. That chaos has transformed into relative calm this summer, with VCs perspicaciously analyzing the […]

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""Securities"" June 26, 2022

The need for vaporware skepticism

Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash

Tech has been bubbly, filled with the sultry air of unrealizable marketing. In Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson originated the concept of the “metaverse” and explained the experience of existing within that ethereal plane: Just ask the businessmen in the Nipponese Quadrant. They come here to talk turkey with suits from around the world, and they […]

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""Securities"" June 25, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Vaporware skepticism

“Where marginal stupidity is about  “how there is a turning point where further information or complexity can befuddle us and simply raise costs without any concomitant value,”  what I am seeing in hard science investing is an outsourcing of thought,  a reliance on the splashy marketing one-pager instead of the agonizingly long technical research with the diligence […]

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""Securities"" June 19, 2022

National security and the decline of the VC exit

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Exits are the keystone of a robust venture economy. Ambitious entrepreneurs, helpful accelerators and fast-funding venture capitalists are all necessary inputs of course, but what attracts all this talent and capital in the first place is the opportunity to build something incredible and actually make money (and preferably a lot of it) while doing so. […]

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""Securities"" June 18, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Lazy tech analogies

“The world is incredibly complicated, and humans necessarily use heuristics and analogies to process that complexity into simpler forms. These mental shortcuts are never perfect, but they should broadly summarize the complexity they represent while affording their user a sense of their limitations. In that vein, I want to call attention to two lazy tech […]

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