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""Securities"" May 7, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Shredding the endowment investing playbook playbook with Scott Wilson, CIO of Washington University in St. Louis

University endowments are one of the key nexuses by which finance influences the future of science, tech, and the human condition, and what happens at endowments and other limited partners (LPs) matters deeply both for their clients but also the wider VC asset class. Washington University in St. Louis Chief Investment Officer Scott Wilson, who […]

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""Securities"" May 1, 2022

How permanent should software be?

Matt Mets / Flickr / Creative Commons

We take for granted just how effortlessly consistent our daily life is. Our stoves burn with the swoosh of a knob, our stop signs (at least in the U.S.) are a stable hue of red, our wall outlets haven’t changed prongs in decades. The stairs, the shower head, the garage door — hardware devices that […]

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""Securities"" April 24, 2022

Eastern winds of media

Even the mascots are sleeping while reading books. Photo by Danny Crichton.

I’m traveling the next few weeks in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s always a delight to return here and see the technological ambition of this Asian Tiger’s entrepreneurs. South Korea has transformed into a major crypto innovation hub (arguably second only to the United States), a vanguard in climate tech and increasingly a content powerhouse […]

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""Securities"" April 16, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Redlines for diplomacy and business with former USSOCOM commander Tony “T2” Thomas

“Redlines” in war are meant to be objective and unambiguous tests for a country to respond to another nation’s action. If one country uses chemical weapons in a conflict, that might violate the redline of another country and therefore force it to conduct military operations in response to reenforce the international laws and norms against […]

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""Securities"" April 13, 2022

Lumafield is CT scanning for the industrial manufacturing masses

A scan of AirPods. Photo by Lumafield.

While the annals of history are rightly littered with the names of the inventors of wondrous technologies and breakthrough products, the true value of these innovations is only fully realized when they become widely accessible. Electricity, computers, genetic sequencing and thousands of other major advancements have only had their extensive effect on society after they […]

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""Securities"" April 10, 2022

The Manichaean rainbow

Mykhailo Liapin / Flickr / Creative Commons

The dynamics of “watchwords” in the sweeping narratives of nation-states are peculiar and complex. “Democracy” and “equality” have a certain valence to Americans that’s unique, even to other democratic and equal places. This is to be expected after all: each community spins its own story, and thus the same political phrases can have radically different […]

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""Securities"" April 9, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: The VC Power Law with CFR senior fellow Sebastian Mallaby

In his new book, “The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the Future,” Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Sebastian Mallaby brings his erudite attention from the hedge fund world to venture capital, interviewing the industry’s leading players over the last 50 years to discover what is unique about this industry that “manufactures […]

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""Securities"" April 2, 2022

“Securities” Podcast: Josh Wolfe on “There will be chaos, and that chaos will be caused by people”

Josh Wolfe and Danny Crichton talk about the influx of TV shows covering startup busts including WeCrashed, Super Pumped, and The Dropout; strategic ambiguity, game theory, and a bit of geopolitics; and what the case for optimism is in this world, including the difference between complacent optimism and conditional optimism. Finally, Danny observes the perilous […]

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""Securities"" March 31, 2022

No longer tolerating the decline of American industry

Nasa / Government Use License

The history of economic progress is the study of tolerances. Social tolerance is the linchpin for closing a transaction: a buyer and a seller both have to understand, respect and trust one another in order to do business together. But that’s not the only form of tolerance involved in progress, for tolerances are also at […]

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""Securities"" March 29, 2022

Investing in capabilities, not markets

Rishi S / Flickr / Creative Commons

“If you build it, they will come.” It’s an aphorism that gets at one of the key dividing lines in venture capital and industrial policy today. First, there’s the ironic interpretation that has disseminated across Silicon Valley and startup investing the past decade. No one comes just because you’ve built something novel. Instead, it’s all […]

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