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Human progress is unsinkable. Image Credits: Danny Crichton

We’ve branded our little corner of the web “Securities” — why?

When I look around the world today, it isn’t hard to get cynical. Right now in Kazakhstan, authoritarian president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has ordered his security forces to “shoot to kill” protesters fighting rising fuel prices and government corruption. The Omicron variant is laying waste to health care systems throughout the United States and across the planet.

Thousands of motorists in Virginia were stranded for more than a day this week on I-95 due to extreme weather, and climate change has wrecked global havoc affecting billions of people. Supply chains remain mired in backlogs, authoritarianism is on the rise, and if tech stocks are any indication the past few weeks, the global financial system seems poised for a crisis of confidence.

The bedrock of innovation — the fundamental kernel that allows all of what we do in startups and entrepreneurship to function — is security.

Health security ensures that founders and innovators have the physical and mental capacity to do their best work. Capitalism and markets function when workers and investors alike have the economic security to take risks and be rewarded on the upside and cushioned on the downside. Defensive technologies ensure that liberal democracies don’t fall flat against rising militaristic totalitarian regimes.

The story of progress we have witnessed the past two centuries thanks to the Enlightenment, capitalism, science and democracy has offered the world an incredible bounty. Yet, that progress feels like it has entered a period of malaise, perhaps even decline.

At Lux, we see the forefront of science and technology every day, and we know the future can continue to witness the progress we have seen over the past decades. New scientific instruments, new therapeutics for disease, better access to space, automation to improve industrial output, complete transformations of agricultural crops and nuclear power plants, instant and accessible mobility — the future has so much wonder in store for us that founders are building as I write.

Yet, the story of progress is entwined with the story of finance — the other half of “securities” and the source of our little double entendre. VCs are too often afraid to go head first into the deepest depths of technology, choosing companies with better sales motions over companies delivering fundamental tech that changes the quality of life of present and future generations.

With “Securities,” my hope is to make the deepest reaches of science and technology accessible and popular to the widest possible audience, everyone from other VCs and founders to policymakers and citizens. It’s about bringing “lux” to bear against the darkness, overcoming the cynicism that is increasingly creeping into our collective meditations.

An Eikon of instrumental progress