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Welcome to “Securities” by Lux Capital, a podcast and newsletter devoted to science, technology, finance and the human condition. I’m your host, Danny Crichton, and today we’re talking about the post-Roe world. Tomorrow, it’ll be 30 days since the Supreme Court announced in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that there is no constitutional basis for the right to abortion, overthrowing several decades of precedent. It’s a decision with huge implications for tech startups, which will now operate across 50 sets of state laws, covering everything from privacy and data governance to who gets to decide which patients receive women’s health and who won’t.

Now that we’ve had a few weeks to digest the decision, I asked my partner Deena Shakir to bring together a panel of guests to talk more about how startups are responding to Dobbs.


Dr. Neel Shah is an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School and Chief Medical Officer of Maven Clinic.

Halle Tecco is an entrepreneur and angel investor passionate about fixing our healthcare system. She is the founder of Natalist, which was acquired by Everly Health in October 2021, and she is also the host of The Heart of Healthcarepodcast.

Paxton Maeder-York is the CEO and founder at Alife Health.

“Securities” by Lux Capital: (Week of July 18, 2022)