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There has been a massive expansion in data emanating from bio labs, and that means next-generation AI algorithms and machine learning models finally have the grist to transform the future trajectories of biology and health therapies. Yet, there’s a key translation challenge: how do  you get computer scientists and biologists — two types of specialists with very different training — to collaborate with each other effectively?

Two groups, Bits in Bio and Nucleate, have independently spearheaded new ways of bringing all people interested in tech and biology together to share best practices and think through patterns of startup inception and growth. Today, we bring the founders and early champions of those two groups together for the first time in person to talk about their work.

Joining us first is Michael  Retchin, a PhD student at Weill Cornell Medicine and the founder of  Nucleate, a free and collaborative student-run organization that facilitates the formation of pioneering life science companies. Second,  we have Nicholas Larus-Stone, the first software engineering hire at, a Lux-backed synthetic biology startup, as well as the founder of Bits in Bio. Finally, joining “Securities” host Danny  Crichton is Lux biotech investor Shaq Vayda.

We talk about where tech + bio (versus “biotech”) is coming from, how the two community leaders launched and grew their respective organizations, the coming challenges in biology, and our speculative dreams for the future of what biology could look like in the years ahead.

“Securities” by Lux Capital: (Week of July 25, 2022)