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Here is my dilemma, I want custom art for the podcast. Ideally, I would have a new image for each episode. Up until recently, my choices were to use stock photography or work with an artist. I now have a third option, AI art generators. As of late, my Twitter feed has been filled with these AI-generated images and I have become obsessed with them. On one hand, I feel like a superpower of visual communication has been unlocked and on the other hand, I am an artist and creative who wants other artists and creatives to get paid, I am conflicted.  DALLE-mini  What Kind of Sorcery Is This? Why code is so often compared to magic. Hieronymous Bosch fusion reactor #dalle2 – Josh Wolfe DALL-E makes some fantastic World’s Fair posters – Sam Arbesman “Interplanetary Space Empire by Thomas Cole” via DALL-E – Sam Arbesman

The new apex of “Entropic Apex”