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You don’t choose your passions, your passions choose you.


Bilal Zuberi is a General Partner at Lux Capital. He is attracted to startups that solve big, practical problems with technically ambitious solutions, across industries (enterprise software, deeptech, healthcare) and stages (from seed to growth). He wants to back founders who are driven to build large sustaining companies, and believes technology can help address some of the world’s largest problems.

Bilal led Lux’s investments in Applied Intuition, Ironclad, OpenSpace, Nozomi Networks, Commure, Tendo Health, DesktopMetal ($DM), Evolv ($EVLV), Aurora Solar, Saildrone, Cloaked, Kyra, Happiest Baby, Zededa, Fiddler, Copia Automation, and others.

Prior to joining Lux, Bilal was a VC at General Catalyst. Before that he was an entrepreneur and co-founded GEO2 Technologies. Earlier in his career, Bilal was a strategy consultant at BCG. Bilal earned a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (under Prof. Mario Molina, Nobel laureate, 1995) He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Lemelson Foundation. He is an immigrant citizen in this country, and thankful every day for opportunities that he has been afforded here.

Key Facts

  • Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Bilal has also lived in Ohio, Boston and Silicon Valley

  • He was raised Muslim, educated in Catholic school and married a Palestinian-American

  • Three languages are spoken in his home: Urdu, English and Arabic

You don’t choose your passions, your passions choose you. Jeff Bezos