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Venture Partner

Zack Schildhorn

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Zack is a Venture Partner at Lux, and currently serves on the Boards of Moment, a marketplace for creators; Caper, a retail technology and automation company; and Pawp, an affordable digital pet care provider. A talented visual storyteller, Zack has been a shepherd of Lux’s brand identity and works closely with Lux founders to help them powerfully communicate complex ideas for customers, partners and investors.

Over a 15 year career at Lux, Zack has played a key role in nearly every aspect of the organization’s development. His contributions across investor relations, operations, finance and investing have helped Lux scale from less than $100M to more than $4B in assets under management.

As an investing Partner, Zack developed the firm’s original thesis around 3D technologies, sourcing the firm’s investment in Matterport, the leading 3D space capture company; and leading Lux’s investments in Shapeways, a marketplace and platform that turns customer’s designs into real products using additive manufacturing; and SOLS Systems (acquired), a mass-customization company that used 3D printing to create perfect-fit products. He led Lux’s investment in Latch (NASDAQ: LTCH): a building operating system of hardware, software, and services designed to make every building better; Caper: a retail technology platform that automates checkout and improves store operations; Moment: a marketplace for creators; Statespace: a neuroscience-based training and analytics platform for gaming; and Pawp: an affordable digital pet care provider. Zack has worked closely on narrative development with companies including Auris (acquired), Transphorm, Avail Medsystems, Science37, and Kurion (acquired).

Prior to joining Lux, Zack worked as an expedition photographer on the Colorado plateau. He created his own curriculum at Cornell University, which combined materials science and entrepreneurship. He graduated in five years with a BS in engineering and an MBA. He has been a guest speaker at Cornell University, Drexel University, New York University and The University of Pennsylvania.

Key Facts

  • Believes a great narrative is a superpower for entrepreneurs - video explainer

  • Lifelong saltwater coral reef aquarist

  • Dad, dog-lover, and DIY enthusiast