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Zack partners with entrepreneurs who use science and technology to erase the lines that divide the digital and physical worlds.

Zack led the firm’s investment in Latch, which embeds intelligence, control and flexibility into points of access, digitizing physical keys. Zack also led the firm’s investment in Shapeways, a marketplace and platform that turns customers’ digital designs into real-world products using 3D printing; Caper, creator of automated checkout solutions for retailers; Statespace, an analytics and training platform for gaming; SOLS Systems, a mass-customization company that uses 3D printing to create perfect-fit products; Moment, a photography-product company for the iPhone age; Scatter, a volumetric video company. Zack sourced Lux’s investment in Matterport, which translates the physical world into multi-dimensional, interactive digital models. He has also worked with Auris, Transphorm and Kurion.

Prior to joining Lux, Zack worked as an expedition photographer on the Colorado plateau. He created his own curriculum at Cornell University, which combined materials science and entrepreneurship. He graduated in five years with a BS in engineering and an MBA. He is a contributing editor at Forbes and has been a guest speaker at Cornell University, Drexel University, New York University and The University of Pennsylvania.

What is the most exciting innovation of the past decade?
The invasion of digital technology into the physical world, allowing for the transformation of atoms into bits and bits into atoms; the renaissance of hardware.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?
The day when connectivity and computational power are embedded into everything around us. The transformation is already underway.

What person has had the greatest impact on science and technology?
Charles Darwin. He changed our understanding of biology. The dynamics of ecosystems and evolution are great metaphors for business: multiple entities competing for scarce resources; invasive species disrupting the status quo.

What was your first paying job?
I started a company in high school to fix computers and build websites.

Key Facts

  • Visual storyteller (helps Lux companies with high-stakes presentations, pitch decks and videos)

  • Outdoor photographer and aspiring cinematographer

  • Designed and maintains 180-gallon reef aquarium in office. Watch the live stream.