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Mass Customized Footwear

SOLS Systems

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SOLS Systems is a pioneer of custom, mass-manufacturing, 3D technology enabling the personalization of everyday wearables. Its first product, exoSOLS, brings 3D printing to footwear with dynamic orthotics. Sols was acquired by Aetrex in 2017.

SOLS leverages advanced 3D scanning, automated product generation, and digital manufacturing as the foundation of a scalable platform for custom mass manufacturing. For its first product, SOLS’s proprietary computer vision system translates still images into a detailed, highly precise 3D model of the foot. When combined with information about a patient’s body, lifestyle, and medical needs, the data is used to generate a completely custom, precision-engineered wearable device that improves comfort and performance. Sols was acquired by Aetrex in 2017.

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