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Natural Gas To Liquid Fuels

Siluria Technologies

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Siluria combines nanotechnology, biotechnology and chemical engineering to create new catalysts that convert natural gas into valuable fuels and chemicals. Siluria was acquired by McDermott in 2019.

Siluria Technologies is pioneering the commercial production of fuels and chemicals made from clean, abundant, natural gas. Siluria’s breakthrough Oxidative Coupling of Methane ("OCM") process technology is believed to be the first commercially-viable process to directly convert methane to ethylene. Siluria’s second process technology can convert ethylene to liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. This enables natural gas to potentially supplement petroleum as the worldwide basis for transportation fuels and commodity chemicals. Siluria’s revolutionary catalyst and process technologies uniquely combine nanomaterials, templating and chemical engineering to convert natural gas into higher-value products using efficient processes that can be seamlessly integrated into existing industry infrastructure.

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